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Close to Nature’s many treasures that India abounds in - lofty mountains, valleys,beaches, rivers,forests,rolling plains, sparkling seas,the rainiest of places,the driest of deserts,its bountiful fields,its many- hued flowers, a mango tree’s canopy,the call of a cuckoo,the roar of a tiger and much, much more...

All a part of the experience when you take a holiday with 

Indian Terrain Nature Club

IT Nature Club is a holiday service that organizes your travel, stay and leisure at any of the destinations we offer throughout India. You can choose from our exciting itineraries or have your travel plan customized to suit your needs.

IT Nature Club also believes in the philosophy of community driven tourism activities, hence a conscious effort is made to promote destinations which involves the local communities wherein tourism helps them in their livelihood and eventually they become the stakeholders in protecting the environment around these destinations.By choosing community-driven tourism and travel, you’ll be respecting the place you are visiting and its ancestral stakeholders, while still enjoying an unforgettable journey.

And here is why we promote community driven tourism :

  • Its a one on connection with another culture. The experience of  seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and doing things that you might never have done otherwise.
  • Deeper connection with the people and the places when you interact directly with individuals and gain immediate knowledge of how you are impacting each other’s lives.
  • Empathy and awareness of other culture lets you gain a new perspective on culture, both your own and others, and how it shapes our lives.
  • The money you spend on your travel supports the local communities in beneficial and sustainable ways which motivates them to protect and conserve the flora and fauna around them.

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