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Off the beaten path in Laos

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In continuation with IT Nature Club's focus on community based tourism we will be exploring the enchantingly beautiful province of Luang Prabang in Laos, a tiny land locked country in the south east region. An opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty and little-known cultural history of Laos, we will be travelling to Laos from 2nd October 2017 to 6th October 2017.From the ancient and mysterious massive stone jars to a night safari adrift on the Nam Nern river ,insights about the legacy of the Secret War - with plenty of time to relax and process in between - to enjoy the treasury of experiences, this short trip will let you experience the rural and rustic Laos at its best !

We shall drive through the breathtaking scenic mountains, visit the historic Muang Sui City, Tour sites 1,2 within the Mysterious Plain of Jars, The Mines Advisory Group, Nam Nern Night Safari,tour of Patok Caves, a night in the beautiful Nong Khiaw and wind it up by a visit to the Whisky Village.

Join us to experience Laos in a different way .

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Note : We will be happy to assist you in arranging your travel to and from Laos as well as tour extensions if any.

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